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One of the most simplistic solutions for smaller commercial HVAC applications is the mini-split systems. These systems and. Types of HVAC Filters Indoor air quality is a very important component to any commercial/industrial building and facility. Humidity Control for Data Centers Data centers have more unique challenges to cooling and maintaining set points rather.

These affiliations have proudly helped us grow our business and to become industry leaders:.

Galgon HVAC is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded to enhance the customer experience in HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing and mechanical service. Galgon HVAC rallies around the idea of putting ourselves in our customers' shoes. We are committed to understanding the customer and building relationships

This will provide you with after hour's emergency on-call answering service; just follow the prompts. Our answering service will contact the on-call service technician and then our service technician will call you the Customer to take care of your problem. A picture is worth a thousand words. Sending a picture of the problem helps us identify the solution

A Planned Maintenance Agreement is a schedule of Planned Maintenance inspections aimed to keep your equipment running at OEM specifications. The primary goal of a Planned Maintenance Agreement is to preserve and enhance equipment reliability as well as extend the life of the current equipment. You can avoid the stress and business complications caused

We service, maintain and can replace/install various types of HVAC equipment. Galgon HVAC tailors our services and solutions to each customer's HVAC and mechanical needs. We understand that each customer's needs and budgets are different so we create unique solutions to fit these needs. Galgon HVAC takes pride in having relationships with all HVAC equipment

At Galgon HVAC, our qualified service technicians have the experience, dedication, and wealth of knowledge necessary to handle all of your refrigeration service needs. Our maintenance agreements keep your equipment running at optimum efficiency. We know how crucial having a practical and powerful refrigeration system that will endure the elements is

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