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Southern Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating Services wants to be your HVAC contractor of choice, both now and in the future, by providing quality and affordable solutions for our clients Air Conditioning and Heating needs, and by staying up to date on all of the field's newest innovations in order to meet our clients' comfort and energy needs for the future.

My name is Shawn Hickman and I started Southern Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating Services in 2003 with two goals in mind: 1) to provide value in the HVAC field to the people of San Antonio and its surrounding communities and 2) to bring back the personalized relationships between the client and professional that you usually only find in a small town

Here in South Texas, we are constantly dealing with high temperatures and high humidity. Basically there are two types of heat. Sensible Heat is the actual air temperature in the building. Latent Heating is the amount of moisture in the air and the stored heat that it carries. HVAC Equipment that is too large for a house does a nice job of removing

What will you receive with a $25 investment? Southern Comfort will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your HVAC system that includes a detailed inspection and performance analysis of your heating and cooling equipment with suggestions for improving its efficiency and promoting the longevity of the equipment's life. We will inspect the duct work

Invest in high efficient equipment: up to 23 seer equipment is available now - Tomorrow's technology at today's prices. Choose a knowledgeable contractor that can integrate a new system into your house and make any adjustments to air distribution needed to accommodate the equipment and home owner. Air Conditioning equipment comes in a box. Unless it

Southern Comfort offers better products, prices and services simply because we have a lot less overhead than the large companies. Southern Comfort is able to guarantee all work or will give you your money back. Southern Comfort is also able to offer what most other companies cannot: a personalized relationship between the client and the HVAC license

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