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Thieves know they can make a quick buck from reselling or recycling the copper element from your air conditioning unit. Air conditioning units are usually located out of sight, where they can be torn apart within minutes. Alarms trigger and video can record, but not before the damage is done. A thief's ultimate goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible.

A Security Cage says, "Too much work and they target an unprotected unit down the street." The sad truth is that the thief makes approximately $40 and the property owner incurs approximately $700 in repairs or even worse, $4,000+ to install and replace an air conditioner. An AC-Guard Air Conditioning Cage will discourage the thief from even bothering with your air conditioner.

Our Air Conditioner Cage is completely adjustable and expands to fit most air conditioning units for commercial and residential units. AC-Guard is attractive, affordable, easily removable for maintenance and incredibly easy to install. Visit our Contractors Gallery to see effective ways AC Guard is being installed throughout the country.

Our Air Conditioning Cages are made out of 16 gauge steel. Very easy to install and adjusts to fit almost every size A/C unit from residential to commercial. Our AC Cage has a pleasing appearance and can be easily removed for maintenance. Very affordable low cost. Our air conditioner cages tells the copper thief to move down the road. Original AC-Guard

Use to educate property owners and install cage while installing unit, eliminating referrals to a fence company or welder. We listened: Easy-assembly labeling/taping AC-Guard's one-size-fits-all AC cage adjusts height, width and depth to accommodate nearly every size condenser imaginable. There is even a new option for mini-split condensers (ACMS).

Yes, The AC Guard security cage is made with 16-gauge steel and powder-coated for long lasting durability. We recommend 1/4" x 2 3/4" countersunk tapcons to secure the foot bracket to the pad. If installing over the pad (into the ground) dig two holes, mix sakcrete and again use 1/4" x 1 3/4" countersunk tapcons into the wet concrete mix. It will set

If you still have questions or concerns, please visit Frequently Asked Questions Feel free to use the contact us tab to reach us. Hover over the tab to get our phone number or click the contact us tab to submit a request. No matter who you purchased your cage from, as the manufacturer we always appreciate the opportunity to assist with your issue before

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