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Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV. Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. Firstly the fact that you are here probably means you have an air conditioning repair problem. Secondly if you have a lot of duct and most importantly if you are suffering from allergies and in need of a professional duct cleaning.

Don't worry, we have plenty of expert repair technicians ready to dispatch to your location and get you nice and cool or clean again. Today, Eco Friendly Air is a very successful and environmentally aware local Las Vegas and Henderson company that knows how to treat their customers and really strives to make an impact in our community. Firstly every technician we hire is highly trained in Air conditioning, heating repair.

Secondly every technician is trained to perform a perfect air conditioning installation. Thirdly all technicians are experts on duct cleaning. In conclusion before we hired a technician, they must meet me in my own home so I can make sure I'm comfortable before sending them into your home.

We take a different approach to how an Air Conditioning and Heating company should operate in our modern society. Firstly, all of our employees and customers understand the importance of being aware of the effects we have on our environment, and we work every day to come up with better ways to help solve the energy crisis we all find ourselves in today

Having a well-maintained air conditioning unit can make a huge difference in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We are a desert community, and that means that the heat can really soar in the summertime. Without a properly running air conditioning unit, you could be left hot and uncomfortable in the summer days. Air conditioning is not just a luxury

We take great pride in providing you with exceptional heating repair solutions. In fact, our highly skilled professionals are qualified to help maintain, install, and repair equipment. As a company that is dedicated to achieving the best results, we offer heating equipment and services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Las Vegas

Full-service air system cleaning not only includes cleaning out your air ducts, but should also include cleaning your furnace/air handler. This is the heart of the air system and should be cleaned as well. Air duct cleaning includes only the cleaning of your air ducts, not your furnace or air handler. There are 2 main reasons you might need to only

Our team consists of qualified individuals who are knowledgeable about the Air Conditioning and Heating industry. All of our technicians are updated with the latest information and certifications required in handling any equipment you have in your business. We understand that downtime for commercial clients means lost revenues and unhappy customers

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