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Your trusted source for HVAC services in Tucson and Phoenix. Temperature and airflow are central to the comfort and function of any home or business. When these two aspects aren't just right, it can throw off your entire day and even harm your business's reputation. Luckily, Fusion Plumbing & Air offers heating and cooling services to Tucson, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas.

Tucson, and Arizona at large, is known for its amazing weather. Being a dry, desert climate, summers are hot, winters are comfortable, and nights offer the perfect amount of chill. While many people choose Arizona as their home specifically because of the climate, that doesn't mean there isn't a need for heating and cooling. In fact, it is critical to comfortable living in the Grand Canyon state.

With summer highs reaching into the 100s and winter nights nearing the point of freezing, HVAC companies in Tucson are in high demand. Fusion Plumbing & Air takes great pride in helping local residents and businesses make the most out of the Arizona weather.

Fusion Plumbing & Air is your one-call solution for all your air and heating needs. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we can repair, maintain, and replace individual components or entire HVAC systems. Offering a full slate of services, Fusion Plumbing & Air aims to make HVAC services fast and affordable for all Tucson and Phoenix

Fusion did a really excellent job on the full scope of projects we had them do. They did a water filtration system for our home, installed new faucet fixtures in multiple sinks and shower/tub, installed new toilets, and cleaned out drains. They were always very responsive and willing to do whatever was needed to ensure the job was done thoroughly and

It's a rare day in Tucson that you don't need to turn on your AC for at least part of the day to stay comfortable at home. So when your home's cooling system goes on the fritz, you need to find a quality Tucson-area AC repair service-and quickly. Whether your system is just acting funny or completely busted, Fusion Plumbing & Air is ready to help. Our

Nothing lasts forever-and that includes your air conditioner. When air conditioning repair service in Tucson just isn't enough anymore, it is time to replace your AC system. While the prospect of replacing your AC can seem daunting, the Fusion Plumbing & Air team works to make it as easy on you as possible, helping you select the best system for your

No air conditioning system will last forever, but with proper care, you can extend its life. This is pretty important since AC replacement and installation in Tucson and Phoenix is an investment. Because AC systems have so many parts and pressurized refrigerant, and they are outside and exposed to the elements, annual or twice yearly maintenance is

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