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Skip's Air Conditioning & Appliance Service We have been serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Sarasota and Bradenton area for over 25 years with air conditioning service, sales, and repairs, as well as service and repair of residential and commercial refrigeration equipment, and major appliance repair. Whether you need appliance repair in Sarasota or Bradenton, or air conditioning service in Sarasota, and Bradenton, or any of our many other services, you can count on us for the best service in the industry.

Skip's Air Conditioning & Appliance Service, Inc. has six trucks on the road to better serve you. We have four state licensed and certified contractors offering exceptional heating air conditioning repair and appliance repair services. In addition, our contractors provide ac maintenance, heat pump repair, kitchen appliance repairs and heating and air conditioning service for your residence or commercial facility.

Our company is an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and Puron certified.

We sell, service and repair all makes and models of air conditioning equipment, as well as residential and commercial refrigeration equipment, with our three (4) State-Licensed and Certified contractors. Skip's was originally established in September of 1988 by Skip Gudger. After growing in 10 short years, Skip's was incorporated in 1998. Then in 2008

We service, repair and maintain ALL MAKES AND MODELS of air conditioners, as well as heat pumps. Trane and more. We provide repair and service on many makes and models of appliances, both residential and commercial. Our technicians are trained on a vast variety of appliance types. A full list of our services can be found under the services list. AT

Air Conditioning: Air Conditioning in Florida is a must. Life without it would be brutal. Just think of it, if your air is down for just one day in the middle of summer. I'd rather my car be broken. Air Conditioning in Florida is just a fact of life and one we take for granted. It would be smart to be informed on some of the most important facts that

Use Cascade powder with Lemon. The citric acid in the lemon helps breakdown the mineral build up on the dishes. It's that haze you see on your crystal. The liquid detergent in time creates a build up in the working plumbing like cholesterol does to our plumbing. Temperature has a great effect. For instance, you need 120 degrees Fahrenheit to dissolve

We service most makes and models of dryers, but we do not sell them. Dryers, for the most part, are a very simple appliance. Of course like most things, when you add electronics to them they get a bit trickier, but we really don't need to go into that too much. The basic idea of a dryer is to circulate warm air through your wet clothes to make them

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