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NY NJ A/C Connection Welcome to NY NJ A/C Connection - Manhattan New York Air Conditioning, Heating & HVAC Contractor; Installation, Repair & Maintenance. There is seemingly nothing worse than suffering through a sweltering summer with an inadequate or broken air conditioner. And the same goes for heating in the winter time! But fortunately the right contractor can solve these problems efficiently and effectively.

In business since 2006, NY NJ A/C Connection is your known and trusted source for air conditioning and heating services. We have truly seen it all! NY NJ A/C Connection are more than prepared to take care of your residential or commercial heating and cooling needs. Our expert technicians are fully trained and certified to perform a thorough inspection of your system and carry out the necessary repairs.

We provide solutions that will conserve energy use and save you money on utility bills. We also pride ourselves on how we treat our clients; we strive to always arrive on time, explain all the details and clean up thoroughly as if we'd never even been in your home or business!

Since 2006, NY NJ A/C Connection has provided dependable and professional HVAC service throughout the Greater New York area. With a passionate team of certified HVAC installers, service professionals and sales associates, our family owned and operated business has been a leading provider of full-service HVAC solutions for years. Every member of our

From furnace and boiler heating system sales, inspections, installations, repairs, tune ups and maintenance to replacing your inefficient heating system, contact NY NJ A/C Connection for prompt and professional service. To keep your furnace or boiler running efficiently and prevent expensive repair costs, regular service and maintenance is necessary

One never really notices how much they depend on a fully functioning air conditioner until it no longer works. When your air conditioner needs assistance in your home or business, you need quick, reliable, affordable and competent professionals applying their expertise to get you back on track. NY NJ A/C Connection possess all those attributes and more

Central air conditioners work by circulating cool air through a complex system of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts and registers (openings in the ceilings, walls or floors covered by grills) carry cooled air directly from the air conditioner to your home or business. This cooled air becomes warmer as it circulates through the building and then

Air conditioning in any home or business is essential to provide favorable indoor temperatures and air quality. Air conditioners not only provide you with an escape from the outdoor heat, but also contribute to balancing out humidity levels. Though professional maintenance services help minimize air conditioning problems, they can still happen. Over

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