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For over twenty-five years ZEE SYSTEMS, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and supplying air conditioning components and systems for airborne and ground use in private, corporate, commercial, military and special/ public use aircraft and vehicles. Innovation has been the key at ZEE SYSTEMS, Inc. from our very first project. We designed aviation's first HFC-134a (R-134a) vapor cycle air conditioning components for commuter aircraft.

FAA approval has been granted for Revision 1 of S.T.C. SA4843SW. This revision allows the upgrade of the Falcon 10 Series air conditioning system to replace the R-12 freon and use R-134a refrigerant. The upgrade is performed in accordance with ZEE Systems, Inc. Service Bulletin 59-000-1 to S.T.C. SA4843SW. The components are available in Kit SZ59K-R134.

S.T.C. SA4843SW must be installed on the aircraft for the conversion to the new refrigerant. FAA has issued STC ST09940SC for AIR CONDITIONING in the Falcon 20. A joint venture between ELITE TURBINE MAINTANANCE of Addison, Texas and ZEE Systems, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas has developed a R-134a Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning and Heating system for the Falcon 20.

ZEE Systems, Inc., vapor cycle air conditioning systems are rugged and dependable. For over 25 years our equipment has cooled aircraft as different as single seat crop dusters to pressurized 50 passenger commuter airliners. We have individual system designs capable of 15,000 - 36,000 BTU/hr cooling. We have equipment installed and operating all over

ZEE Systems has established a network of domestic distributors and dealers for agricultural aviation and general aviation customers. Please contact them for kits, service, and installation. We are developing international dealers in Europe and Australia for all products. ZEE Systems sells direct to OEMs, airlines, fixed base operations, corporate operators

ZEE Systems meets all applicable requirements of the FARs and the Federal Aviation Administration for manufacturers of airworthy components. We have been granted numerous Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and hold Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA). All of our aviation products meet our rigid Quality Control standards which are defined in our FAA

Our quality system requires that we accomplish surveillance on our suppliers and/or vendors. While we may not purchase the products you manufacture directly from you (we may purchase from a distributor or dealer) we must insure that you, as the OEM, have a quality system in place to insure adequate manufacturing and quality procedures. If you have current

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