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Whatever low-pressure HVAC parts you need, Marstan can help you complete your goals. In addition to the ability to supply your producton part needs from our massive inventory, we also pride ourselves on our rapid custom part turnaround. Since 1973 Marstan has been supplying dealers and wholesale companies with PVS Underground HVAC Ductwork; also known as PVS or PCD Polyvinyl Coated Steel Duct and Fittings.

In addition to providing the industry with Sheetmetal Fittings, our Coated Duct is compatible with hundreds of chemicals for Exhaust and Make-Up Air Systems. Marstan continues to provide unique and reliable solutions to our customers. If you need PVS Elbows, Reducers, Taps or Tees we have hundreds of PVS Fittings to choose from. Marstan offers a huge variety of Galvanized Sheet Metal Duct.

Our Galvanized Duct is built to meet or exceed all SMACNA Specifications. We offer Rectangular Duct, Spiral Pipe and a complete line of Sheet Metal Fittings to accommodate all industries including Asbestos Abatement and Duct Cleaning.

The chemical inertness of PVS combined with the strength of Spiral pipe make Vinyl Coated Duct ideal for chemical fume removal applications and for underground HVAC applications where strength and resistance to corrosive salts and other minerals found in backfill are prerequisites. Our vinyl-coated Spiral pipe is UL listed and manufactured from galvanized

Part numbers shown represent Large End (D2). The Small End (D1) must be specified when ordering. Example: When ordering a 8x6 Eccentric Reducer, the standard part number shown below is 3-083413XX. Specifying the required D1 changes the part number to 3-08341306. Developed for underground HVAC, our PVS or Vinyl-coated Spiral pipe and Fittings have gained

By combining the strength of steel and the chemical inertness of plastic, PCD or PVS Flat sheets are corrosion and weather-resistant. PVS or PCD will not rust, chip, crack, peel, corrode or produce odors. Its practical temperature range is from -40 F to 250 F. Our Prime sheets can be used for most any job utilizing its (LFQ) lock forming qualities.

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