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JGB USA International Inc, specializes in providing solutions and services for oil and gas, drilling, aviation, solar, marine, water treatment, HVAC & Electromechanical along with other industrial segments. JGB's focus is to satisfy customers' needs by on-time deliveries of best quality products from internationally. Enhancing the quality of your structures with the world's best technological solutions.

We provide state of the art solutions made from the most proficient in industry for your laboratories, car parks, residents and much more. Envelope your enterprises in the safety insulators we provide for your work units. We provide insulators for glass, sound-proofing, heat and water, along with aluminium jacketing among other products. We bring to you the best products that match international standards in making your Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects safe and sound.

Move confidently with our unique products towards success. Apply the finest lubricants and essential chemicals for your production machinery from the world's experienced producers.

JGB USA International Inc has been leading the competition in the supply of Electro-Mechanical HVAC Equipments, Accessories, Waterproofing, Construction Chemicals, Building Materials, Industrial products, Pipes, Valves etc. The company has the representation from internationally reputed manufacturers and has a wide range of activities and interests

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