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40 Degreez Air 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration is the local choice for all your air conditioning & refrigeration repair, maintenance, and installation needs. We service HVAC systems from West Palm Beach to Kendall. Our customer service & technical expertise is un-matched, and we've been exceeding expectations since 1989. Our #1 priority is getting the job done right the first time!

Always providing honest and upfront pricing. Countless customers have chosen us over our competitors due to our top-notch yet affordable service & our cool green trucks are not too shabby either. There are many companies out there. I personally have seen enough good and bad. I recently did a very complicated job that included changing the air unit and all ducts.

This is very serious work. These people completed the job to a supreme degree of perfection, the owner of the company personally make sure that everything be done and completed. In the process some obstacles arose but this happens all the time. What impress me was the effort he put to resolve everything, but he was not calm until everything was finished.

When you are in need of air conditioning repair service From Orlando down to Miami-Dade County, it is important to find the right team for the job. At 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration, we built our company with the idea that everyone should be able to receive high-quality air conditioning services without having to worry about paying exorbitant amounts

When you're installing your first air conditioning system or when it's time to replace your old one, choosing the best AC installation services will help to ensure your system is installed properly. There's much more to installing an AC unit than sitting it in place and hooking everything up. If done incorrectly, you could end up having a lot of costly

Over time, the parts of the HVAC unit begin to get old and worn out. As your unit ages, the parts get weaker and eventually, they will start going bad causing your system to break down. If a belt breaks or if the motor locks up it, you'll have to call an air conditioning repair company to fix your unit. Emergency repair is more expensive than preventive

Do you need AC repair or is it time to install a new unit? It can get very hot and humid in South Florida, so you don't want to take any chances of losing your air conditioning. Unfortunately, the hotter it gets outside, the harder your unit has to work to keep you cool. This is usually when you have the most problems. If your unit breaks down, you

One thing that people do not know about keeping their HVAC units running smoothly is that sometimes duct restoratoin is important to safety and to efficiency of the unit. There are some cases that are considered emergency where duct restoration is essential. In other cases, the EPA recommends regular cleaning as needed. When and how often this is needed

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