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Air conditioners are complex machines comprised of refrigeration, electrical, mechanical and plumbing components. If one component or correlating part is out of sync, it affects the performance of the other parts and cooling efficiency as a whole. If your system is malfunctioning and you're not sure where the problem lies, try these five troubleshooting tips to see if you can get your system back into shape before calling for air conditioning repair.

No matter how many times you may try, if your air conditioner isn't receiving power, it won't turn on. Before you call your air conditioning repair technician, check the circuit box for a tripped breaker. If that doesn't do the trick, check the thermostat to make sure it's set in cool and auto modes. Adjust the thermostat temperature setting five degrees below the reading and listen to hear if the system kicks on.

Condensation from the evaporator coil drips into the condensate pan and conveys through a drain tube. If the drain becomes clogged and the pan fills with water, a float switch is activated which shuts down the air conditioner.

Tropical Comfort A/C is a family owned and operated residential and commercial air conditioning company. We are based out of Cape Coral, Florida. We service majority of Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties providing services such as; maintenance of most brands of air conditioners, repairs/ service of most brand air conditioners, and installation of

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