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Polar Bear Mechanical As an experienced HVAC company in Colorado Springs, Polar Bear Mechanical understands the importance of reliable heating and cooling, especially along Colorado's Front Range. With over 40 years of combined experience, our expert technicians are guaranteed to fix your furnace, boiler, air conditioning unit, water heater, and so much more. Does the thought of HVAC repair, replacement, or installation chill you to the bone?

As both a residential and commercial HVAC company, we will apply our specialized skill set to ensure your HVAC system is functioning seamlessly and efficiently. If you are looking for the ice up your sleeve, look no further than Polar Bear Mechanical! We are proud to serve the local El Paso County community. Avoid the melting heat of the summer and the freezing cold of the winter with Polar Bear Mechanical's wide variety of 24/7 HVAC services.

Whether your furnace is smelling strange, your water heater has stopped working, the air conditioner is producing warm air, or the boiler needs tune-up, our experienced technicians will solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

At Polar Bear Mechanical, our mission is to build a culture of caring so we can provide the best value heating and cooling services in the Front Range. Ultimately, we want to be the HVAC company that everybody recommends, so we put our focus on quality solutions and customer service. We want every single customer we help to come away from their appointment

From water heater installations to boiler maintenance, the HVAC experts at Polar Bear Mechanical are equipped to handle all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs. During the past 40 years, we've invested in our education to make sure that we're able to provide the Colorado Springs community with the best HVAC services possible. As a locally

We understand that critical problems with a HVAC system rarely occur at opportune times. This is why we have 24/7 HVAC services available. A malfunctioning HVAC system is not only inconvenient, but it can be dangerous depending on the type of problem that has occurred. In these situations, immediate repairs are required to ensure the safe operation

Caring is at the center of what we do at Polar Bear Mechanical. We started our HVAC company in Colorado Springs to provide better, more reliable, and integrity-centered service to our community. Hear from our 100+ satisfied customers, commercial business partners, and even employees who help affirm our culture of caring. Over the past 40 years, the

Polar Bear Mechanical is a local company serving the Colorado Springs community. For the past 40 years, our expert technicians have helped the local residents with all of their HVAC issues. Whether it be an install, repair or a replacement; we've got you covered! As HVAC systems age they face a number of problems, such as the deterioration of mechanical

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