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Kevin and his crew are amazing. They came out on a Sunday with 24 hours notice. I had an HVAC emergency when I accidentally detached a cleaning brush deep in the air duct inside my wall. They arrived on time and were very courteous. After some troubleshooting, they were able to pull out the stuck brush and avoid having to cut into the wall. Then, they hooked everything back up and cleaned out the whole vent.

They charged a very fair price and saved my weekend from completely sucking. These guys are great. Kevin and his assistant were very professional and courteous. We will keep them on our permanent call list. The price was reasonable, the work was done thoroughly, and Kevin even showed us where we had fake ducts! No one else ever was honest enough to show, let alone, tell us.

Thanks Kevin. That was appreciated. Also, he installed a UV Light Air Cleaner. No high-pressure sales, no gimmicks. He just gave us the info and let us decide on our own time. We then took him up on his offer. We're hoping it'll resolve some of our air quality issues.

At Air Flows Duct Chicago, your local near me service, we invest lots of time to understand what you need and schedule around your day. We know you have multiple options you can consider for the same services, that is why all our local Chicago, Illinois services are tailored towards ensuring you get the best help and save a lot. No work is satisfactory

Did you know that poor air quality affects your health? Living in a house where the air quality is poor can cause severe respiratory issues. If you have allergies, the respiratory problems will even be worse. You can ensure that doesn't happen by hiring the right professionals for air duct cleaning. But how do you ensure you have the right company for

Your ducts get dirty. Over time, dust and dirt accumulate on the sides of the ductwork, which is the reason air vent cleaning is important. Some of the contaminants that clog your system include pet hair and dander, cigarette smoke, dust and dirt, pollens, and other substances. Some people are more sensitive to these substances than others. For example

Your air ducts circulate air in your home. If the air circulated is not clean, then you will end up with poor indoor air quality. You can install the best home or office air filter and even install an air purification system. Still, if you fail to remove the dust and dirt in the system, you will only be overworking the air purification system. If you

Air Flow Chicago is your go-to company when you need duct cleaning. There is a reason why hundreds of homeowners rely on us whenever they need to remove dirt from their systems. It is almost 20 years now operating in Chicago, Illinois. Over that period, we have served thousands of homeowners and businesses. Most of these are our loyal customers, and

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