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Since 2006 we have been manufacturing true battery powered R134A refrigerant based A/C units right here in Arizona. The heart of our systems is an american made true DC powered compressor that makes our systems powerful and efficient. We do not cut corners and use lesser quality imported 110 volt compressors that run on hidden internal power inverters or automotive 12 volt power hungry high amp compressors like other companies.

Our products are truly DC battery powered and they don't take valuable roof space for solar panels. Rv, Vans, Heavy Equipment, ROPS Cabs, Delivery Vehicles, Semi Trucks, Cooling Equipment and more! Heavy Equipment, ROPS Cabs, Commercial, Delivery Vehicles, Semi Trucks, Cooling Equipment and more! The Cruise N Comfort 12 Volt Air Conditioner was lightweight and easy to install.

We have used this MES-12L A/C system since mid 2015 with no problems in the AMH Instigator Off-Shore Racing Boat.

Sharing the same construction materials as our MES Marine Series units the Cruise N Comfort HD Series 12 Volt split system air conditioners are built with 300 Series Stainless Steel components and hardware making them perfect for use in harsh environments and are built to last. These 12 Volt Air Conditioners are extremely efficient because they operate

We took some of the components from the HD series and split them into smaller individual components for tight spaces. The VES Series is perfect for heavy duty construction equipment, trucks, limousines, delivery vehicles, small classic cars or wherever you need additional cooling. Don't have a big enough charging system? Add some batteries and a battery

We were able to do an eight hour trip from San Antonia to New Orleans in a close to 100 degree heat with rear vehicle cooling only from the Cruise N Comfort AC! Never had to run the generator ( for Domestic rooftop AC ) even once! Your AC performed way better than my expectation! The Cruise N Comfort unit is very compact and runs very quiet, it blows

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