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Western Electric Air conditioning replacement and conversion to refrigerated air offers significant energy saving benefits. A system that is 25 years old uses twice the energy required to operate a new system, so replacing it with a new energy efficient air conditioner or refrigerated air unit results in considerable home energy bill savings. When purchasing a new home air conditioning system, choosing the right size is important.

Many people believe that bigger is always better, but this is not the case when buying an air conditioner for your home. An air conditioning system that is too large is more expensive and uses more energy. In addition, a system that is too large for your home will cycle more frequently, which reduces energy efficiency. At Western Electric, we help you select the right system for air conditioning replacement.

We consider the size of the home, number of windows, insulation, shade, home appliances, and number of people in your home to determine the capacity required. Our expert technicians provide exceptional quality service and precision air conditioning installation.

We're experts in designing and installing entire electrical systems for your house. So call us if you're going to add an addition to your house or if you're having a new house built. We can add additional switches and outlets, install new under-cabinet lighting or set up new wiring for an entertainment center. We can take care of all your outdoor electrical

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