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A Residential and Light Commercial HVAC company, Knight Air Conditioning Inc has 40 years of exceptional service experience. From HVAC basics like Seasonal Tune Ups to more complex projects such as Total System Replacement, we'll do the job right. Let us show you why friends and families refer us! Extend the life of your air conditioning and heating systems with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Ask about our Benefits Program! These systems are becoming more popular around the world for many reasons. Their compact profile makes them ideal for creating comfort in smaller areas with maximum efficiency. Is this the perfect system for your needs? Call for a consultation!

Chuck was active army reserve with a growing family, but no profession. He tells the story like this: I had a family to take care of and no stable job, so i prayed. Shortly after that I saw a commercial for refrigeration school and It was like a light turned on - It came to me that this was the answer. I called the next day and was enrolled. The semester

We created our Benefits Program at the request of our clients. They wanted an easy solution to keeping up with the maintenance on their home air conditioning systems. Let us keep track of it for you! Receive twice annual maintenance, spring and fall, with basic coil wash included @ spring. Basic condenser coil wash included when accessible without disassembly

As a family oriented, full-service HVAC company, Knight Air Conditioning strives to offer you the best service as possible. From HVAC projects like AC Maintenance, to more complex services such as AC Installation and Evaporative Cooling repair, we'll do the jobs quick and easy. The main purpose of an an air filtration system is to provide clean air

Ductless mini splits are becoming more popular for a few reasons. They are easy to install and the most affordable option, compared to traditional AC units. The heat pump acts as both the cooling and the heating pump, giving you all around comfort from one unit. Call us today for ductless mini split maintenance to make sure your unit is running efficiently

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